Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beauty Contest - Cat.5

Category 5 = Nectar Feeders & Starlings

I guess the starlings feel "peeved" because they were 'excluded' from the previous round so now, they want to feature more prominently (= first) as this Burchell's Glossy starling 'exhibits'.

Although 'shiny', this Greater Blue-eared Glossy starling can't really compete with its 'cousin' (= previous entrant) with regard to 'impressing' a judge in this beauty contest!?

Is this Cape Glossy starling trying to fool/mislead the judges? Although it's revealing its vivid 'colouring' more prominently than the 2 previous entries, it's only a case of of of the sun shining more brightly!!

The best photograph (= entry) so far, simply because this Redwinged starling is far less 'inhibited' to show off (= it's 'prepared' to pose closer than its far more colourful starling-cousins).

Now what do we have here? Yet another Redwinged starling - although the female 'version'! Truthfully, this certainly is a more 'composed' entry, i.e. even more impressive than its male counterpart (= previous contestant).

OK, the starlings are done so that now, we can turn our attention to the 'smaller' nectar feeders, as represented by this tiny Cape white-eye (which, by the way, had a more 'impressive' representative amongst the "cute birds" entries!!).

Great pose, great shot of a relatively shy + usually very 'busy' little Greater Doublecollared sunbird. Although it's a juvenile 'version' it reveals the potential of what a fully grown member of this family tends to exhibit.

As is often the case (= SEE other entries in this contest) the 'judgement' is that a more 'powerful' camera would have done this photo of a Whitebellied sunbird more justice.

Last but not least a Black sunbird - an 'admirable' entry because this tiny bird isn't shy to compete with other far more colourful birds.

Which bird (= photo) 'deserves' to win in this category?

You be the judge!

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