Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beauty Contest - Cat 7

Category 7 comprises: Ducks, Geese & Wading birds (= Group B of Inland Water birds).

This photo of a Whitefaced duck is proof of how important the 'right' illumination (= the angle of the sun outdoors) is to accomplish the 'best' results.

Accordingly - had the sun illuminated this Yellowbilled duck from a different angle, the otherwise irradiant bluish colour on the wing would have been more pronounced (= enhanced).

Similarly "more" sunshine would have enhanced the plumage of this multi-cultured Egyptian goose. Nonetheless a clear photo + as 'worthy' as the previous 2 contestants to "place a stake" as a possible winner.

The 'right' illumination continues to be a topic today - what a shame that some shade is 'covering' this Moorhen.

The first response to this photo of a Blackwinged stilt is: "cute". In contrast to harping about the 'right' illumination, the case here is that a more 'powerful' camera would have done this sighting more justice.

This Common sandpiper represents the entire sandpiper family in this contest - because unfortunately + so far, only 1 other member (= a Wood sandpiper) features in this photographers "archive".

This Threebanded plover is a member of a 'large' family, although (in comparison) a rather small bird. 'Better' illumination is also missing.

As has been argued, the 'right' illumination enhances the look, as is evident on this photo of a Crowned plover - the winner in this category?

What do we have here? A group of Wattled plovers? However interesting these birds are (+ posing from 'different' angles) this entry creates a dilemma - because 1 individual/entry is the criteria! Therefore the verdict is: disqualified!!

Who 'deserves' to win in this category?

You be the judge!

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