Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beauty Contest - Cat. 10

Thought the Beauty Contest was over & done with?

Well the last entry (a Rockhopper Penguin) in Cat.9 'introduced' an exotic "flavour" so here goes - some Exotic Birds:

This otherwise quite large bird, a peacock, looks rather small once its magnificent feathers are 'spread wide'.

And this?

A peacock's rear-end!

[No hidden message included]

A Scarlet ibis - only found in some bird parks in SA, because it hails from the northern parts of South AMERICA.

This Sulphur Crested cockatoo has its 'home' in Indonesia.

The Carolina Wood duck is a native of North America or Cuba.

As its name, Mandarin duck, indicates, this bird is at home in Eastern Asia (as far as southern China).

With its multi-coloured plumage, this Royal (or Golden) Breasted starling - from East Africa - certainly deserves to 'proclaim' royalty!

Doesn't this Buffoni Green touraco - from West Africa - look a lot like our Knysna OR Livingstone's lourie (= touraco)?

And to really (= finally) introduce THE END of this Beauty Contest - an irradiant Solomon Eclectus parrot with its 'home-base' in New Guinea + the Solomon Islands.

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