Thursday, August 29, 2013

Only in Africa

Only in Africa . . . can you drive through a National Game Reserve and expect to see the BIG 5 - crossing the road/walking next to your vehicle/appearing tame but actually being (completely) wild!!!

NO Zebra-Crossing but instead yet another 1 of the (famous) BIG 5 "blocking" traffic - which can only happen in Africa.

Take a good look through the window of your vehicle - yes, that's another 1 of the BIG 5 grazing peacefully right next to the road.

Number 4 of the BIG 5 - what a pleasure if you can find all of them on 1 day whilst driving leisurely through a park.

And there he/she is = Number 5!!! [Click on photo to enlarge and check bottom-right of photo] - this leopard was REALLY ANNOYED - just like us in a vehicle STUCK in a horrible traffic jam because some IDIOTS "hogged" the road/prevented all other vehicles to pass in an "orderly" fashion - "shout out" if you've experienced a similar situation before in a game reserve in Africa.

And to "calm down" again - Number 6 of the BIG 6!!! Yes, it's whale-season again (until about November) and the Southern Right whales can be found all along the southern African coast - and yes, again, South Africa is now known as a BIG 6 country - no, sorry, make that the BIG 7 - but I have no personal photos of Number 7 [Check my previous blog-entries to see "who" is the 7th member] - it's no mystery, just one way of me expressing WHY I LOVE living in Africa ;)