Friday, February 1, 2013

Zebra - Zipper Effect

I mentioned the "zipper effect" before [SEE: previous blog-entries] which supposedly is associated ONLY with the Hartman (Mountain) zebra - a "look created" by the stripe on the the spine & upper tail portion of this particular (sub-) zebra species. However I still stand by my view that what I now believe might be Grant's zebra (a sub-species of the Plains zebra)  - seen grazing here peacefully on the lawn of the Sambezi Sun hotel (on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls) - also "display this zipper-like look".

By way of a comparison I'm using a photo of close relatives, the Cape Mountain zebra, because I haven't got a photo of a Hartman zebra. Similarly I believe that they also display the (if slightly different) zipper effect.

 Although (all the sub-species of) the Mountain zebra are said to have "pure white" bellies, on closer inspection there's definately a black stripe visible along the stomach. Here we go again - the controversy continues [SEE: previous blog-entries]. Can't the supposed experts make up their minds when describing the various zebra species' features?

There's no controversy "attached" with regard to the black stripe along the stomach of the Plains (or Burchell's) zebra, where the bold body-stripes (are meant) to converge.

"Good boy!" :) It's as if this Plains/Burchell's zebra youngster lay down & then turned it's back to us so that we have a clear view of the black stripe on its back, which "tapers off" towards the tail.

Now compare that with the back of what I'm calling a Grant's zebra (until someone can prove to me it's just a "plain" Plains/Burchell's zebra); so the controversy continues . . .

. . . as (the photos of) all the zebra I "posted" today are demonstrating, this (Grant's) zebra is also "blessed with" a black stomach stripe.

So what would you say? Do the "tail-ends" of these Plains/Burchell's zebra also have the zipper-look about them? If the anwer is yes, then ALL zebra (& not only the Hartman Mountain zebra) are "blessed" with this look :)