Monday, July 23, 2012

Mandela - our hero

Since Nelson Mandela celebrated his 94th birthday last week on the 18th of July, I wish to dedicate today's blog entry to this hero & South African icon with a few "fast facts":

Full name - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela; also called Madiba, a title of respect derived from his Xhosa clan name; or tata - "father" in Xhosa
On 12 June 1964 he was sentenced to life imprisonment - together with others they were convicted of sabotage & other charges

18 of the 27 years he spent in prison was on Robben Island (situated in Table Bay, Cape Town - as seen in the distance from the top of Table Mountain).

[These days visiting the prison on Robben Island is part of many a tourist-itinerary, which includes being transported by boat.]

Mandela's prison number was 466-64 (pronounced: four double six, six four) "states" that he was the 466th prisoner in (the year) 1964

[On arrival in the small harbour of Robben Island, visitors are "transferred" to busses & then treated to a short trip around the island before alighting at the prison.]

In 1942 Mandela first started to campaign for the human rights of every South African, which in the 2009 "accounted" to 67 yrs

The 67 years were "changed" to 67 minutes (in 2009) - a campaign to celebrate & honour Nelson Mandela's birthday (on 18 July) each year = Mandela Day

[The "entrance gate" on Robben Island]

[A bus drive around Robben Island includes a visit to the limestone mine, where the mainly political prisoners regularly "slaved" away]

['So close, yet so far .....' - a scenic photo-stop along the drive around Robben Island before a "visit" to the prison]

[The "world-famous" prison cell on Robben Island]

In 1982 Mandela was transferred from Robben Island to the Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town.

From 1988 until his release on 11 February 1990 Mandela was a prisoner at what was then called Victor Verster but now is the Groot Drakenstein Prison (situated between Paarl & Franschhoek) - from where he "walked to freedom" - as this statue of him depicts.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two of a Kind

Since most of my photos are either of birds or wild animals, I "file" some of them as "2-Some"; of these I want to share a few today on this blog - like this Helmeted Guineafowl & in the background a (Nile) Crocodile = 2 "unrelated" species

In contrast these 2 (African) buffalo are of the same "kind" - NOT a couple as such, because they are of the same sex (= 2 males) but a pair nonetheless.

Another case of "2 of a kind" = 2 rhino BUT in this case members of the same family but 2 different species - a White (or square-lipped) rhino & a Black (hook-lipped) rhino

Another kind of 2-Some = giraffe & zebra - I believe that no others are as representative of animals associated with the African savannah as these 2 species!?

This is a case similar to the rhino above = belonging to the same family but are 2 different species - a Grey heron & a Great White egret; yes,in case you're wondering: herons & egrets belong to the same family (= herons) BUT the white ones are known as egrets.

A similar case as the one above = 2 different species BUT members of the same family - 2 Hadeda & a Sacred ibis

Last but not least 2 "creatures" not in any way related = same case as in the first photo today - a Southern boubou & a Striped mouse

By the Way: these 2 look "at peace" with each other BUT that certainly wasn't the case - only moments after I "snapped" this photo the boubou "attacked" the mouse.

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Book Release

First there was Impi the Impala (available in book-form) where to order check:
Now there's also Moni the Monkey (available as an eBook only) check at: