Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two of a Kind

Since most of my photos are either of birds or wild animals, I "file" some of them as "2-Some"; of these I want to share a few today on this blog - like this Helmeted Guineafowl & in the background a (Nile) Crocodile = 2 "unrelated" species

In contrast these 2 (African) buffalo are of the same "kind" - NOT a couple as such, because they are of the same sex (= 2 males) but a pair nonetheless.

Another case of "2 of a kind" = 2 rhino BUT in this case members of the same family but 2 different species - a White (or square-lipped) rhino & a Black (hook-lipped) rhino

Another kind of 2-Some = giraffe & zebra - I believe that no others are as representative of animals associated with the African savannah as these 2 species!?

This is a case similar to the rhino above = belonging to the same family but are 2 different species - a Grey heron & a Great White egret; yes,in case you're wondering: herons & egrets belong to the same family (= herons) BUT the white ones are known as egrets.

A similar case as the one above = 2 different species BUT members of the same family - 2 Hadeda & a Sacred ibis

Last but not least 2 "creatures" not in any way related = same case as in the first photo today - a Southern boubou & a Striped mouse

By the Way: these 2 look "at peace" with each other BUT that certainly wasn't the case - only moments after I "snapped" this photo the boubou "attacked" the mouse.

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