Saturday, September 8, 2012

Different Faces

Before I go again on tour for nearly 3 weeks as tourist-guide for German speaking visitors, I thought of concentrating today on an "aspect" along one of the most visited routes in our country (the Garden Route along the southern coast of our country): long beaches! . . .

. . . or what I call "the many faces" of a specific location, in this case the small holiday town, Wilderness.

What a magnificent view, hey? And always from the same "spot", known as Dolphin's Point . . .

. . . now the mood has changed (= "bad" weather) - this is the most recent photo I took in February this year (the others: first one in Jan 05; second Feb 09; third Oct 08).

Apart from being photographed at different times, the "shape" of the Wilderness beach has also been "transformed" through the years by e.g. enormous waves during storms.

Just now I mentioned that the "Look-out" is called Dolphin's Point. Can you "see" the dolphin? Not in the water but "mirrored" in the "hill"? The "eye" of this dolphin is a railway tunnel through which the Choo-Tjoe train used to drive on its daily trip from George to Knysna.