Friday, May 29, 2009

A Baboon Story

As a juvenile Chacma baboon, I often have to endure a lot of flack from the adult baboons - so I retreat to the fork of a tree, where I feel safe & from where I can rather watch procedures.

From looking at this adult male, it seems I'm not the only one who sometimes feels harassed - this one appears completely overtaxed!

If things get too complicate...... does scratching one's head, help?

What is this male concentrating on? Did he hurt himself? Or is he checking that all his limbs are still intact?

"Ag ja; no well, no fine."

"Eish! Why do humans insist that Chacma baboons have a dog-like face?"

Baboon mothers are very protective of their young, but allow them free reign to experiment.

Even an alpha male allows youngsters close - but only the very young!

Juveniles, like me, practice at growing up (= self-defence) by play-fighting. My friend's tail isn't broken - a sickle-like tail is one of a baboon's characteristics!

Innocently, 2 baby baboons inspect if something edible is lying on the ground.

No longer distracted by what they might discover, the 2 youngsters turn on each other - biting, scratching or fighting is part of how young baboons socialise.

For more on baboons, SEE: "Gregarious Primates", posted on this blog 24 April 2008

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