Monday, May 4, 2009

Beauty Contest - Cat.6

This category is 'dedicated' to Inland Water Birds (excluding ducks, geese & wading birds).

Although this Cape cormorant has its back turned to the camera, it certainly qualifies as a contestant in this category because of its lovely pose.

A darter stretching - or is about to open its wings to dry - or to fly away?

The Little egret on this photo appears 'unhappy' - is that because a photographer dared to intrude on its turf, or because the weather was miserable (= the sun wasn't shining)?

The sun certainly was shining = illuminating this Squacco heron! The photo was a "lucky shot" - taken at the right place + at the right time of day (= late afternoon)!

This photo of a Woollynecked stork "heralds the entrance" of the stork family, which is well-represented in this category (SEE the following 3 'contestants').

Like the previous entry, a Yellowbilled stork isn't perhaps the handsomest of birds, but storks, in general, certainly are impressive.

Now we are talking! Other than being classified as endangered, a Saddlebilled stork probably is the most handsome member of the stork family (in southern Africa).

Although a marabou has more in common with vultures (e.g. they similarly soar high & effortlessly in the sky other than being known as scavengers) this bird nonetheless is a member of the stork family - BUT is it 'worthy' of entering a beauty contest??

The sometimes irritating (= has a loud + harsh call) Hadeda ibis is also irradiant once the sun illuminates its plumage - as is evident on this photo.

Did you know that a hadeda is afraid of flying?

Just listen to its call: "HAE! Hae... hae.. HELP!!"

Which of these "beauties" deserves to win in this category?

You be the judge!

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