Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loving Birds

Whilst the "jury is out" on who reaches the finals of the Beauty Contest (SEE: last blog entries), here is some "food for thought": southern African birds revealing endearingly loving attitudes.

Rock pigeons - smooching

Laughing doves - flirting

Laughing doves - in ecstasy?

Blackeyed bulbuls - cuddling up

Motherly love - a Moorhen & chicks

The Aftermath - Ground hornbills

Arrowmarked babblers - preening

More preening - Wood hoopoes

Feeding time - a Crested barbet & youngster

"I smaak you" (SA slang for: I adore you)
African penguins

Revealing interest - 'madame' & 'monsieur'
Greater flamingo

Aren't they all cute?

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