Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty Contest - Cat.4

Back to the adult bird "entries" (after the cute = immature birds 'dared' to "jump the queue") - today is "dedicated" to Insect Eaters (excluding starlings).

Another 'brave' entry because this Cape wagtail is less colourful than its counterparts, e.g. the Yellow Longtailed or African Pied wagtails.

This Red-eyed bulbul represents the entire bulbul-family in this 'beauty' contest - what a lovely pose!

Strange that an Olive thrush 'chose' to represent yet another bird-family which also features more colour birds, e.g. the Kurrichane or Rock thrushes. Olive thrushes, generally, are 'shy' birds (= don't 'allow' photographers close) therefore this close-up photo was a lucky shot!

The Heuglin's robin probably is the most vividly coloured member of this family and therefore not 'shy' to enter a beauty contest BUT sadly, this isn't the 'clearest' of photos.

Now why would a Cape robin 'dare' to enter if its more colourful 'cousin' (see previous entry) already features? Because it wants to show off its tail?

It's always a pleasure to detect a Paradise flycatcher BUT why enter a photo which doesn't 'serve its purpose' i.e. to impress the judges? Is it possible that no 'clearer' photo exists in the photographers 'archive'?

The Bokmakierie (= one of the Bush shrikes) is a welcome sight and the experience is even more 'enhanced' if a duet (= the call between both sexes) accompanies the sighting; a worthy entry BUT a more 'powerful' camera would have done this sighting more justice!

This photo of a Red-backed shrike probably is the winner of this category!? The photographer is very proud of the 'harmony' which exists between the attractive model and the setting.

Poor Wire-tailed swallow - the 'onus' of representing the entire swallow & Martin families (in this contest) rests on its shoulders! The question is: is it a winner?

You be the judge!

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