Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beauty Contest - Cat.3

[SEE Competition Rules for this Beauty Contest - Mon 30th March]

Category 3 - Seedeaters

This photo of a (not yet fully mature) Spotted-backed weaver is 'nice', i.e. not exceptional nor outstanding.

A quite 'cocky' looking (+ also not fully mature) Masked weaver! This young male was observed building quite an intricate nest, which, after inspection, a female found 'wanting' + therefore tore off - will this male weaver be more successful in the beauty contest than (his so far doubtful skill) as a nest-builder?

Ah, now we are talking business! Of the 3 (male) weaver entries, this photo of a Yellow weaver is the best in the overall-looks "department".

A 'brave' entry, because this Red-collared widow is a rather small bird - at 15cm (without its tail) = difficult to photograph 'clearly'.

What a gorgeous bird when its tail (only during the breeding season) is on 'full display'; the photo of this Long-tailed widow was unfortunately taken during the 'wrong time' of day (= over-head sun > shining from the side), which somewhat 'diminishes' an otherwise impressive image.

A guess is that this Bully canary entered the contest because ..... it can! As the sole entrant in the canary 'department' that is admirable BUT the quality of the photo is somewhat 'below par'.

Because of its 'impressive' colouring this Blue waxbill is probably a strong contender to win in this category mainly 'dedicated' to small birds!?

What a lovely photo of a Swee waxbill (only 9-10cm in size)!

["In-house" judge's footnote/explanation: the 'honour' of photographing this tiny bird goes to our son-in-law, who 'borrowed' my camera to "shoot" it]

The setting (on this photo) certainly enhances the look of this (otherwise quite 'common' ) Great sparrow - a worthy entry!

Now we are talking! Who would have thought that (another 'common' bird) a House sparrow can look so attractive? The photographer took a calculated risk, which paid off - IF only the bird could be viewed side-ways (instead of 'presenting' its back), or does that add 'quality' to this photo?

A late entry of a Cape bunting, which barely made the cut-off date for this competition - but it certainly was worth the effort, because it's one of the most handsome entries in this category -
which strangely, attracted the most (numerous) entries/category (11 > the usual 9)!?

"You be the judge" - of which bird (only 1/category!) goes through to the final round.
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