Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beauty Contest - Cat. 2

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Category 2 - Aerial feeders & Hole nesters (including mousebirds)

This European roller is a handsome bird (= pretty good photo); it looks as if the bird is "painted" instead of for real!?

Well, well - how did this photo of a Lilac-breasted roller "slip through"? OK, the rules don't state clearly that all photos displayed must "belong" to one + only one photographer [Explanation: this photo was "poached" from our son-in-law] - in all aspects worthy of entering the competition!

The Carmine bee-eater truly is an attractive bird BUT unfortunately, this isn't the 'clearest' of photos + doesn't 'enhance' (= warrant) this entry.

So small, so cute, + again ..... "poached" (just like the photo of the Lilac-breasted roller above) - too good to not enter into this competition; successfully photographing as small a bird as this White-fronted bee-eater, is a real mission - one needs a "powerful" camera to get this kind of "result".

This hoopoe looks gorgeous! But what are its chances of winning in this category? After all, its competing against some magnificent 'specimen' in this particular category.

This entry of a Golden-tailed woodpecker is an admirable entry, because ..... it's a female (= it's common knowledge
that amongst birds, most males are more "attractive" than their female counterparts) - definitely scoring 'brownie points' for guts!

What a strange entry, or should I say, interesting? Interesting, because a Red-throated wryneck is in a 'category' of its own - although it creeps about branches like a woodpecker (and accordingly, is listed in some bird-books together with woodpeckers); unfortunately this is not a good (= clear) photo.

Breathtaking! If this Pied kingfisher wasn't competing against the Lilac-breasted roller (see 2nd entry, above) then this bird might not only win in this category but actually 'walk off' as the overall winner!? This is also a "brave" entry because it could have competed against other (more colourful) members of the kingfisher family - as it is, no other kingfisher bothered to enter the competition.

This Speckled mousebird somehow appears "lost" in this category because of its rather 'drab' appearance (in comparison to more colourful birds) - to NO fault of its own, it must be said, because the competition (organiser) decided to include mousebirds in this category.

"You be the judge!"

Remember: only 1 (one) entry per category goes through to the final round!

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