Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Earth hour 2009: successfully completed!

My thought of star-gazing whilst "switching off" last night was unfortunately thwarted by ... clouds (= cloud covering). Since various suggestions of what to do whilst "switching off" included lighting candles (e.g. enjoying a candle-lit dinner) I did just that (but to read - since we enjoy dinner early in the evening, not 20h30 or later) - when my husband said by lighting candles I was actually defeating the object!!

What an interesting thought - because candles (at least generally) are made from paraffin! That certainly defeated the object of saving "dirty" power (mostly generated by burning coal to produce electricity in SA).

With regard to my future entries on this blog, I'm done with "story telling" (at least for now - SEE: my latest entries). Instead I've "embarked" on a new project = a beauty contest, AND you can be a judge.

Beauty Contest?? The photo (above) is a clue of what it's all about.

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