Monday, March 30, 2009

Beauty Contest - Start


1) Photos of southern African birds (Adults - Male OR Female) in a natural setting.

2) 1 (one) winner per category goes through to the finals

[This contest is judged ala "Idols" = Simon Cowell OR Randall Abrams kind-of-critique]

Category 1 - Tall Birds (1m or more)

What a great way to start this competition with the entry of a Blue Crane = SA's national bird; BUT why does it hide its head instead of standing tall?

Overall an attractive photo of a Crowned crane - if rather "busy"; this entrant is also cheating - the rules clearly state that the setting must be natural! [The blue ring on its right leg is a "dead" give-away that this bird is 'marked' = belongs in/to a bird park]

So far, this photo of a Ground hornbill is the best entry in this category.

Diet aside, this Goliath heron is a magnificent bird to look at BUT like the blue crane, is 'hiding' a part of its body - very unfortunate!

The way this Grey heron poses is excellent BUT why does it 'present' its back? That certainly looses this entrant some valuable 'brownie points'!

The first reaction to this photo of an ostrich is: cute! But that's exactly why this entrant doesn't 'belong' in this category (there's a separate category for 'cute' young birds!) - even if we all know that this youngster has already reached the required height (to enter in this category). Why didn't an adult ostrich enter, which at nearly 2m is the tallest of all birds? Decision: this entrant is disqualified!

Probably the most 'colourful' entrant in this category; it's also nice to see that this Greater flamingo isn't 'hiding' its flame red wing (usually only visible during flight) BUT the long, bent bill gives this bird a rather comical instead of attractive appearance.

Well, hallo! What do we have here? Is this gannet stretching its wings to impress us OR to divert our attention, because in fact, it isn't quite 1m tall (THE requirement to enter in this category)? Only its impressive wingspan (between 170 + 185cm) just saves this bird from being disqualified.

Nothing wrong with the size of this White pelican + its wingspan (+/- 280cm); it's also a great photo BUT this bird is marred = disfigured; after all, this is a beauty contest and not a 'charity event'!

"You be the judge" - the final decision of which bird makes it through to the final round is now up to the 'voting public' [Voting open until all categories of birds are represented].

The next (blog) entry = Category 2 = Aerial feeders & Hole nesters (including mousebirds).


Natascha Andrews said...

Good luck to all the entrants! There is some stiff competition, but my vote goes to the white pelican.

Angelika's World in Photos said...

White Pelican says:
"Thank you, Natascha, for your vote of confidence! Serves the judges right - to 'classify' my marred neck as if it was a disability!!

Barabrossa SA said...

My vote goes to the ground hornbill, as grumpy as he may look!!!

Angelika's World in Photos said...

Ground Hornbill says:
"Thank you, sir, for standing by me, although I take exception for being called "grumpy" - that refers more to the competition-judge/organiser, believe me!"