Monday, April 20, 2009

More cute Birds

After being away (on tour again but with family 'members' visiting from Germany this time around) let's continue with the BEAUTY CONTEST.

Since last the first group of "cute birds" didn't wait for their turn, let's continue the trend:

This little ostrich fellow certainly encompasses what 'cute' entails.

A young Egyptian goose - a "worthy" entrant in this category.

This immature Collared sunbird poses a problem: is it (= will it develop into) a double- or lesser-collared sunbird?

It's admirable that this young Dusky flycatcher "dares" to enter a beauty competition since it isn't as "colourful" as some of the other entrants!

Certainly a cute photo BUT isn't this a fully grown Cape white-eye? Well, the rules for this category don't specifically state that only immature birds are allowed to enter so we'll 'graciously' accept this as a 'legal' entry.

This (tiny) Scops owl appears 'hot and bothered' - anybody who lives or has to endure (or has experienced) the heat often prevalent in the Etosha National Park in Namibia (where this photo 'originated') will sympathise!!

Ooops! Another 'stolen' photo (taken by our son-in-law) of Natal francolin youngsters managed to enter! Since this is such a beautiful photo we'll ignore that there is more than 1 'model'.

You make allowances once (i.e. allowing a couple-photo = previous entry) and the result: a group-photo materialises!! But these Greater flamingo babies are so cute I guess they couldn't be left out.

And to conclude this category today yet another 'cheeky' group entry of African penguin youngsters.

Who is the winner of this category?

You be the judge!


Lady Phi 1.618 said...

Greater flamingo babies are so cute - they have to be the winner... :-)

Angelika's World in Photos said...

Your choice proves how divergent "taste" is - that's great, because it's unique; in contrast but only because I feel like a "mother hen", I love them all similarly.