Monday, December 31, 2012

Favourite Photos

To "see out" the year I decided to post a few of my favourite photos - like this one of a Rock agama, which I call a "lucky shot", because it turned out to be a near-perfect photo without me trying to create a special effect.

I think this photo of a leopard "speaks for itself"!?

After publishing this photo of a baby elephant before, I received many complimentary responses especially on Face Book.

I find something about the body language, which these 2 Vervet monkeys "exhibit", very endearing :)

Just like the first photo (above) this turned out to be a lucky shot because I didn't intentually try to produce a specific effect - I also only realised afterwards that 2 more Speckled mousebirds are "in the frame" AND in what looks almost like a basket with a handle (bottom right of photo).

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