Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More In-a-Row

Because today is such a "special date" (12/12/12) I decided to "capture" it by publishing something before the day is over - "in line with" some of my previous postings: some elephants :)

Although, like the photo above (as well as others in this "series"), I've published this image of impalas lining up for a drink before, it's still in reaction to the "in-a-row-theme" [SEE: previous blog entry]

Also in a row OR instead of zebra crossing :) - a herd of springboks.

Talking about zebra: most wildlife photographers "dream of capturing" them lining up in a row at a watering hole . . .

. . . whereas I love this photo I captured a while ago of zebras-in-a-row - but from behind :)

Now this photo was meant to be part of the previous posting titled 3-in-a-row . . .

. . . as is also the case with this giraffe-family-photo.

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