Saturday, December 4, 2010

When Stranded

Recently I spend some of my free time during a tour with family and friends - which turned out to be an "action" filled day in Knysna. After finding a deserted beach along the lagoon, we enjoyed a tasty packed lunch - only to realise that the tide "was turning". It was low tide and we were stranded!!

To "while away" the time until the tide would turn, swimming, "canoeing" or "tubing" seemed like a good idea - even for adults.

It was such fun that once the tide was high enough again to get "get going", the Knysna lagoon became an "action-filled playground".

Whilst still being stranded on the small beach, we had watched this Kelp gull turn into a "cannibal": it had found a couple of discarded pieces of chicken meat, which it devoured with obvious relish.

Once water-borne again, we also passed this tranguil scene on the lagoon of other water-birds (= cormorants & a heron).

Luckily we experienced this adventure on the Knysna lagoon and not in e.g. the province of Mpumalanga, where near our hotel in the Hazyview area, these hippos have found a "home" in the river . . .

. . . because with as dangerous an animal like a hippo, we would have been in trouble - in or near the water!!

Similarly a crocodile could have "crossed our path", as this one did - luckily for me, it was a small "version" . . .

. . . of this much larger one I had photographed sunning itself on an island in the river.

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