Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Master at Work

It's that time of the year again [SEE: last year's entry 18 Dec = Weaver Saga; also 29 Sep-4 Oct 2009] - I came home & was "welcomed" by this Masked weaver building a nest right outside our bedroom again.

Only this time, the weaver didn't build 1 or 2 nests, but was actually busy on its 5th nest!!

When I heard what I realised were tiny & hungry birds chirping, I was delighted to discover that 1 of the 5 nests was inhabited. To my delight I watched a female "arrive" with food for her demanding youngsters.

Obviously 5 nests weren't "enough" for the highly active Masked weaver male - the following day I noticed that he was "preparing" to build yet another nest.

A view of the nests from another angle - with the "master builder" hard at work on nest 6.

What a sight - & a pleasure to have the chance to watch every step of a nest taking shape.

Again from another angle . . .

. . . & in no time (= less than half a day) the nest is certainly "growing".

During the last tour & in the Lowveld, I also "found" this Thickbilled weaver "showing off" the nest it had just completed . . .

. . . & doing his "damnest" to attract a female to occopy the nest.

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