Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Project

As I mentioned on this blog (2 "postings" ago) - I have a new "project", now that the little Masked Weaver has left its nest. This is 1 of the 2 Bokmakierie (= bush shrikes) chicks . . .

. . . and this is the other little chick. I took these photos about a week ago when their eys were still closed and only their beaks opened instinctively the moment they heard a rustling sound (on this occassion - me).

Usually in the vicinity is either father or mother Bokmakierie - handsome-looking birds, which either arrive with food for their young . . .

. . . or just seem to "stick around" as protective guards.

A few days later and the little chicks already open their eyes - other than their beaks . . .

. . . whilst father and mother Bokmakierie are very agitated because they don't "appreciate" my pressence/scrutiny. That's when I hear (other than their "signature" song) how they make clucking-kind-of sounds - apparently their warning-call!?

My last photo of the 2 chicks - because when I checked this morning, the nest was empty = now this "project" has also ended.

And by way of a "report-back" - a photo of a young Masked weaver, which I believe/consider might be the little one I watched leaving its nest.

Another recent visitor was a Common waxbill - a "first-time-visitor" in the sense that I haven't observed/photographed 1 in our garden before. It's difficult to get a clear visual of these birds because they are so tiny (approx. 12-13cm)!

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