Friday, November 19, 2010

Black or White

Often people are classified as being either black or white, but in the animal world, being black or white is often an "exception to the rule" - as is the case with these 2 ostrich chicks = 1 black, the other white.

Similarly this Llama youngster is "unusually" black-coloured.

I "discovered" this little albino monkey in the vicinity of the Victoria Falls - and immediately "made" her the main character of my next book: Moni the Monkey

[My other "story with photos" is Impi the Impala - just check it out on:]

To my surprise I also recently detected an albino wildebeest (= a gnu) amongst a herd of Blue wildebeest in a Game reserve in Swaziland.

Another kind of exception to the rule is this springbok - it had accidentally slipped at a lime-rich waterhole & as a result, was covered in white mud!

In contrast this Black(!!) rhino had actually enjoyed a mud-bath at a waterhole in the Etosha Game Reserve (Namibia).

With its pink eyes this bunny also might be an albino!? . . .

. . . wheras this animal is neither white nor black - even if its legs are both black & white. It's generally known as a zonkey = a cross between a donkey & a zebra.

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