Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At Close Quarters

After a very successful tour I've once again returned with some "distinctive" photos like this Vervet monkey - trying to hide or blend in with the environment?

On the subject of primates, which often reveal human-like mannerisms - ditto these Chacma baboons.

"Hold on tight!" seems to be the instruction to this baby baboon.

It's always a pleasure to see a family of graceful giraffes and fun to photograph if they represent such a "united front".

Tracking down all of the BIG 5 is no easy task when on a game drive, so the excitement when discovering one of the cat species, often "knows no bounds" - just ask the lady, who spotted this well-disguised leopard, how she reacted.

In contrast this otherwise habtually "shy" nyala male didn't seem to mind that we admired it - at such close quarters.

Talking about nyalas - to this day, after taking thousands of animal photos, I still haven't been able to "capture" a nyala male & female "side by side" - although both "feature" in this photo. I "long" to do that mainly because this is the only one of our antelopes, where there's a marked difference in size between the male & female, so that in Enlish we call a nyala male a bull (not a ram), but a female nyala a ewe (= more or less the size of an impala antelope).

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