Sunday, July 4, 2010

Maradona Shenanigans

Remember the entry on this blog [Monday, 28 June] where a few Argentinian supporters gathered in front of 1 of the big screens at Soccer City?

They were soon joined by other attention-seekers, when suddenly, Diego Maradona's somewhat stern face (!?) appeared behind them on the screen - as if he didn't approve!?

On the field (instead of on the screen) "the man" was shaking hands with one of the referees during the subsequent match between Argentina & Mexico.

"Now what is this? Oh yes, I remember . . . "

". . . it's Jabulani, the 2010 World Cup soccer ball, and it's meant to be kicked . . . "

". . . using ones feet instead of that 'hand of God-tactic'.

Whilst getting excited about the "good old days", did Maradona forget that one can also use ones feet to stop the ball (??) - instead of allowing it to pass right through his legs? If we go back to the previous blog entry, it would appear that Podolski Junior - or is it Schweinsteiger Junior - reveals more soccer finesse than the once-upon-a-time "king" of soccer?

In a formal grey suit now & from the sidelines, Maradona 'coaches' these days instead of 'actively' playing soccer.

Did Maradona 'misbehave'? It appears as if the match-ref is showing him a red card!

And what is this?? Maradona 'in the crowd' - during the Paraguay > Japan match (at the Ellis Park stadium in Pretoria): 'predicting' that Argentina is going to loose against Germany (= 4-0 last night)?

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