Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Conversation

Today let's look back at how some of the soccer teams "coped" during the 2010 World Soccer Cup that's coming this weekend to THE END. Most photos are "self-explanatory":

"Talking" on the soccer pitch = Paraguay team

Pointing fingers seem "part & parcel" of the action!? USA>UK

Also "chatting" to the referee happens regularly - Brazil>Ivory Coast

"Tempers flared" during the Argentina>Mexico match . . .

. . . then the match referees appeared "confused" . . .

. . . but someone had to control "the situation".

Similarly in the stands the official stewards sometimes had their "hands full" - in this case "solving a case" of who is supposed to sit where.

The "guilty party" wasn't amused & continued to argue that he wanted to sit next to a pal - even if that wasn't his "designated" seat.

Other than squabbling - sometimes the "beautiful game" had the appearance of a rugby match!?

Does this look like a game of soccer or rugby - you decide!

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