Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farewell to Soccer

The flags along this road from the OR Tambo international airport in Joburg act as a last reminder of how visitors during the 2010 Soccer World Cup were welcomed.

Ditto these bright yellow hands at the Gillooly's Highway Interchange.

Looking back at how the media recorded visuals during the World Cup - sent to all corners of the world.

Other than accredited camera men "crowding" the soccer-pitch, a special section in the stands was reserved for the media, e.g. Radio & TV commentators.

Journalists & camera men were kept "under control" behind ropes "manned" by special security guards.

Ditto - a
view from above.

Ditto - from the opposite side as well as a view of the "tunnel", from which the flag-bearers emerged, followed by the two opposing soccer teams.

What I've called the "eye in the sky" before - a camera "contraption" that swivels right around most of the soccer stadiums . . .

. . . which at times was lowered so as to record the action from a "man-high" perspective.

Once a soccer match was on, the camera men "moved" to positions/chairs lining the perimeter of the soccer pitch.

Who will forget the anguish the soccer players from Ghana experienced when during their Quarter- Final match, Uruguay beat Ghana 4-2 on penalty kicks during extra-Time?

Ditto - the anguish visible on the face of a Ghana supporter.


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