Thursday, July 1, 2010

Change of Identity

There is a young man [also SEE: entry on this blog, Monday 14 June] who took an instant liking to his soccer ball - & was subsequently called Podolski Junior . . .

. . . which leads to the question: did Podolski Senior react similarly when, as a youngster, he faced his first soccer ball?

When "attacking" the ball, Podolski Junior certainly reveals a similar style & attitude . . .

. . . whilst Podolski Senior demonstrates his expertise . . .

. . . Podolski Junior completes the move by kicking for goal!

However, something strange happened overnight - Podolski Junior suddenly "morphed" into Schweinsteiger Junior - at least that's what his mother says!?

This "turn of events" appears to confuse Schweinsteiger
. . .

. . . from No 10 to No 7 - the last time I checked, these are 2 different soccer players in the German team.

What does it matter if Junior has had a change of heart or changed his identity - whatever the case, Junior is certainly exhibiting all the right moves otherwise associated with a professional soccer player!!

"In the shoes" of a Podolski or Schweinsteiger - "watch this space" on Junior's progress as a future soccer player!

Who knows - perhaps one day Junior will also line up like this??

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