Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weaver Up-Date

Day 3
& the weaver-saga continues: The Masked weaver male continues to add blades of grass to strengthen his nest, but at the same time seriously starts to court the surrounding female weavers.

The courtship process includes much chirping & fluttering of wings ... it's serious business but ... is the male successful in attracting an interested party?

To his consternation other Masked weaver males arrive ... probably to "check out" the opposition? Our little "hero" successfully defends his territory & chases away these prospective "contenders".

And now? That's not yet another male weaver giving our hero grief! Instead a Blackeyed bulbul reveals more than just a passing interest but our hero also sees this potential "enemy" off.

At last! A truly desired "inspector". The female Masked weaver appears seriously interested & checks out the interior - is it cozy & safe?

She also inspects how safely secured the nest as a whole is - but when she pecks around & finds a loose twig, she creates the impression that she's dissatisfied & just might ... destroy all the hard work? But she flies off ...

... and how does our little hero react to the situation? As if he got the message that something is still missing from his nest representing a safe & secure home, he continues to weave by adding even more blades of grass.

Is the process of building ever going to stop? Proudly our little hero takes cognizance of the situation - but will he successfully attract a mate?

To all intends & purposes, the nest appears finished. So only someone to occupy it is required.

Then: drama! A sudden change in the weather adds a "spike" to procedures - as the day comes to an end the heavens open. Will the rain spoil everything?

To be continued ...........

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