Monday, September 28, 2009


Time to celebrate because ........... this is my 100th (!!!) "proper" entry on this blog-site = proper, because there were other (short) entries, e.g. to say I was going on tour OR to "celebrate" a special day on the SA Calender. Bring out the champagne/wine bottles/coffee, whatever!

I'm celebrating "my way" with a few of my favourite photos, either "published" before or new.

Our National Flower = a King Protea

A landscape-scene in the Winelands-region of our beautiful country.

I think of this as a typical savanna-scene - this is also my "trade-mark"-photo (with regard to my writing about animals & nature).

The "synergy" of colour on this photo amazes me every time I look at it - a scene along the Atlantic coastal strip of the Cape Peninsula.

My favourite lioness-photo!

This photo (taken in the Chobe Game Reserve) inspired me to write my "Elli the Elephant" -story-with-photos for children, but first ... "Impi the Impala" (SEE: my blog "dedicated" to the 1st Chapter: - to be published on glossy paper & in an A4-size before the end of this year!

On to my "favourite subject" = birds. The sun, which was about to set, truly enhanced the magnificent colouring of this Lilac-breasted roller.

Another one of those photos where the light was "just perfect" = a White pelican.

After catching these 2 Ground hornbills "making love", I find the way the wings of the male appear to form a heart-shape, amazing - even if the expression on its face seems to say: "I'm not amused" OR even: "Bugger off"!?

Last BUT NOT least - one of my "accidentally perfect" photos of a Cape White-eye "taking off".

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