Thursday, September 3, 2009

Funny Expressions

Before I leave tomorrow on another tour I'd like to share some photos on which I think birds not only reveal funny expressions but also a lot of character:

Just look at the expressions on the faces of these 2 Yellowbilled hornbills & how that "changes" on the next photo...

... to quite funny especially because the 2 appear to move "in tandem"!!

Similarly these 2 Indian myna look funny - the way they stare at the sky if in different directions [the myna was "imported" from India but is now a quite "common" bird found mainly along the KwaZulu-Natal coast and in the Joburg area].

And what about this Cape gannet appearing to have the "jitters"?

And ditto this Grey heron?

Whilst this Grey heron seems to "apply" for a job as a waiter?

In contrast this Yellowbilled heron just looks miserable (= has a good reason because it's soaked after heavy rain).

I have absolutely no clue what this Crested barbet is "trying to accomplish" - I just think it's funny!

What now? Did we accidentally land in the Cape cormorant's "Red District"? With a "pimp" in the form of a Kelp gull (= on top of the red lights).

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