Sunday, April 27, 2008

Simply Clouds

This is what most travelers "by air" have the opportunity to observe - how fluffy and feather-bed-like clouds look from above - as seen through the windows of aeroplanes.

The next two photos (left and below) I've taken outside our house, i.e. clouds over Joburg (or Jozi = Johannesburg).

I took this photo of clouds (left) just after sunset in the "Valley of Desolation" (situated in the Graaff-Reinet district of the Eastern Cape Province).

After a thunder-storm (at home) - a magnificent rainbow.

Did you know that according to traditional folklore (in southern Africa) a rainbow represents a bad omen? In contrast to the European myth about a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the appearance of a rainbow, generally, means that the rain is over - certainly a "sad" phenomenon in countries always yearning for the relief only rain can bring to the often parched earth.

The last 2 photos (below) were passed on to me by our son-in-law, Quinton, and represent what we luckily don't experience to this degree in South Africa. I say "luckily", because I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of such a force of nature, in contrast to those, who are known to actively "chase" tornadoes in the USA. Then, again, I guess we should be grateful some people do that, or how else would we be presented with such phenomenal photos?

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