Friday, April 11, 2008

Abstract Photos

Yesterday I mentioned "seeing things" in all kinds of natural phenomena. Today, I want to share some of these pictures with you - examples of my fantasy running riot!?

I visualise a reptile (left) in this stone formation - or is it perhaps a dinosaur? (Photo taken on Table Mt, Cape Town)

These stones (right) look like fish to me ("found them" on the Robberg Peninsula, Plettenberg Bay).

Can you also see legs in this photo? I detected this stone "creation" on the beach at Wilderness, Western Cape. I imagine a young female lying on her side, sleeping. Or is it a mythical creature? If you want to be more blunt, you could also say it's the bottom half of a mannequin someone lost in passing.

Things are weird in this photo - I detected what I interpret as not one but two, monster-like faces (on top of each other) in this pile of rotting wood, which was lying outside my chalet at Hluhluwe River Lodge (KwaZulu-Natal).

Everybody who views this massive stone structure (situated in the "Finger-Klippen-valley", Namibia) agrees that it looks like a face - of an ancient chief? On the day I took this photo I managed to line up a few clouds in the background, so that it now appears as if the giant-face is blowing out smoke - from an imaginary peace-pipe?

There's magic in these clouds! When I saw this fascinating "play" of clouds and lighting, I felt compelled to take a photo. That's when I discovered a little girl (or is that a fairy?) sitting "centre-stage".

I clearly detect a bird (an eagle or a vulture?) spreading its wings in this cloud formation. In the novel I wrote (see my website), my main character, Kapelo, also saw something similar and thought of it as the legendary "rainbird" (featuring in various African tales).

Other than the sun casting a spell on this photo, I can also detect the face of an enraged lion, roaring.

I see a flower unfolding in this cloud-formation - or is it a magical explosion of light?


Richard said...

where on earth do you find all these wonderfull images? Well done!!!

Angelika's World in Photos said...

I'm just lucky that I travel a lot and get to see so much of our country. Apart from that, I have a good "eye" for the ideal photo opportunity.