Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rainbow Children

Sentimentally, I'm focusing today on the cute children of South Africa - from school going age (right) -

- to nursery school (left and below).

This is another one (left) of what I've called before a "stolen" photo. It was sent to me a couple of years ago by my friend Annatjie, who lives in Port Elizabeth. It's of her sweet granddaughter, Nina - two dolls in one picture?!

Isn't he too cute for words? It's a little Zulu boy I photographed at what was once known as Kwabekhitunga, but now is called Stewart's Farm.

And this "little man" looks so serious while a band is (literally) playing. I was with a group of tourists when we were treated to an impromptu concert in a local village near the Drakensberg Sun Hotel.

This photo (right) was taken in the same area but during a different occasion. The local primary school was having a prize-giving ceremony to which they invited me with a group of German tourists.

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