Thursday, April 17, 2008

Roses are Red

For a change - more photos of Flora.

Of course not all roses are red, but I do have a few photos of red roses.

I love to get "real close" to some flowers, and I also thought the raindrops enhance this photo.

The same can be said about the raindrops on this photo of a white rose. In general, I find that white is a colour that doesn't appear as "clear" on photos as other colours do (with regard to flowers).

I think of this photo of a pink rose as one of my best rose-photos.

As I said before (when sharing my first flower photos a few days ago), I'm not very good at identifying flora. But I do know that this Plumbago - and that as blue as these flowers are, is rather unusual in nature (colour-wise).

Wish I knew what flower this is?! All I know for sure is that I photographed this pretty, small flower in the Walter Sisulu Botanic Garden (Joburg), because its star-like appearance and the fine "hair" visible, attracted my attention.

In contrast, I know that these are what we call "vygies", a typically indigenous plant mainly growing in semi-arid regions. I photographed these bright-looking flowers in the Namaqualand area (during a family "outing"). This region is world-famous for its "carpets" of flowers, which sometimes "explode" at the end of winter/early spring - after sufficient rain fell.

To end today's "session", two photos of fragrant frangipani, which adorn many gardens. This plant grows abundantly in the sub-tropical parts of our country, as if they "belong" there (although its an exotic flower species in South Africa).

Did you know that this flower (plant) was named after M. Frangipani, a 16th-century Italian marquis, who invented a perfume for scenting gloves?

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