Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vuvuzela Cacophony

This time around, I was able to attend the Germany > Ghana World Cup Soccer Game (for those "in the dark", Germany won: 1-0). As usual it was a colourful "affair" with the Vuvuzelas "blasting" - supplying a constant drone to procedures. Whatever I wrote before with regard to what the Vuvuzela-Sound is likened to, once you "wear" earplugs, I think it just sounds like being "inside" a beehive, surrounded, though, by very angry bees.

As I said, it's always a very colourful affair & obviously, the visiting soccer fans/supporters have quickly "adapted" to wearing South-African-style "hair-does" - by sporting their country's colours.

The "curly wigs" are BIG favourites . . .

. . . whilst draping one's country flag across the shoulders is another way of "revealing" support. I do wonder though - is sporting "Der deutsche Adler" (= the German eagle) on the German flag meant to make a "particular statement"?

A bunch of balloons "disappearing" in the night sky - according to the "colour-scheme", obviously balloons from a Ghana fan/supporter.

Game on!! Playing in front of a near "full-house" at the Calabash = Soccer City in Joburg.

Remember the photo of "Podolski Junior" [SEE: Monday, June 14 - on this blog]? Now we have the "real Mackoy"- Lukas Podolski, one of Germany's star- strikers (= no 10) as well as last night's "scorer", Mesut Oezil (= no 8).

During "half-time", the 2010 World Cup mascot usually makes an appearance - our "very own" Zakumi (= representing a leopard).

Last but not least, is what I was informed are called "Vuvustops" in Germany. We simply speak of "ear-plugs" - to "drown out" the Vuvuzela cacophony - but I think we should all "adopt" calling them Vuvustops!

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