Monday, June 21, 2010

Brazil vs Ivory Coast

Last night I was able to attend the Brazil versus Ivory Coast World Cup soccer match at the Calabash = Soccer City in Joburg with an almost "full house".

We were surrounded by Brazil fans/supporters, who wore an array of colourful "disguises" - from wigs to over-sized "goggles" . . .

. . . to an interesting "bird-like" headdress (instead of the more traditional "beanie").

Some of these Brazilian supporters even tried to join the general cacophony by blowing OUR vuvuzela - but, I must add, not with much success. After what these Brazilians "produced" I now understand why some people liken the sound with that of a herd of "loudly bleating sheep" - on their way to be slaughtered?

On the jackets of a group of supporters, Zakumi - the World Cup's 2010 mascot - was prominently displayed.

However there was a soccer match to be played - Match no 29 in Group G - with one of the Ivory Coast's attempts to score a goal . . .

. . . but the ball was successfully dispatched of by a header - or did the goalie have a hand in the matter?

Once Brazil scored a goal (end result: Brazil 3 - Ivory Coast 1) I had to watch the replay on one of 2 "big screens", because all around the Brazilian supporters jumped up from their seats, "obscuring" the view of the action on the field for those of us "respectfully" sitting down.

"The Eye in the Sky" - a sophisticated set of cameras recording play below on the field from "swiveling" around high up over the field at Soccer City.

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