Monday, June 28, 2010

Soccer Mayhem

There were quite a few "disruptions" during last night's soccer game (= Round of 16) between Argentina & Mexico at the Calabash (= Soccer City)

It started in the "normal" way - before the match kick-off, the 2 teams come onto the field to warm up = the Mexican team . . .

. . . and the Argentina team - "a sight for sore eyes", ladies?

But then procedures were disrupted = fliers came flying onto the field from Argentinian fans - at first it looked like toilet paper - LOL - and the soccer volunteers had their "hands full". . .

. . . "schlepping" away the "offensive" material - & that while the 2 countries' anthems were sung (as you can see from the 2 soccer teams "standing at attention").

It happened again once the teams were playing so the Mexican goalie started "cleaning up".

Not to be "outdone", the Argentinian goalkeeper eventually followed suit - however reluctantly - because fliers came also flying on his side of the pitch.

Actually & before the players even came onto the field, "procedures" already had turned "different" - a few Argentinian supporters "assembled" in front of 1 (of 2) big screens = like actors on a stage!?

Again not to be outdone, others in front of the opposite big screen, followed suit - but "by the look of things" (= posing for a group photo), they were probably from the other end of the globe (in contrast to South America)!?

As if coping with "festive" fliers wasn't enough, some soccer players faced another dilemma - which of the 2 balls (the official Jabulani ball or the blue balloon) was the striker meant to kick??

"Back to the Future" - Maradona "playing": follow your leader ??

MORE Maradona "shenanigans" will follow soon.

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