Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Like a Couple

During the last tour we were regularly "treated" to a rather unusual phenomena - "pairs" of birds and animals, of which some weren't even "related", like this colourful pair: a European bee-eater & a Crested barbet (Kruger National Park)...

... or this couple of magnificent raptors (also in the Kruger National Park): a Tawny Eagle & a Bateleur (eagle) ...

... or this couple of of small insect & nectar-eating birds (in the Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden): a Lesser Doublecollared sunbird together with either its offspring, its female counterpart or an immature relative(!?) - when not in "full" colour often difficult to identify.

The animal kingdom also had its pairs - represented here by an impala ewe & a young impala male. I "think" of these 2 as mother & son = as Impi & his mother (my publisher in the UK just informed me that what I think of as my "photo-story", Impi the Impala, is being printed right now & should soon be "on the market" for young readers).

I think the kudu is the most magnificent-looking antelope in southern Africa - as these two kudu males represent.

Also not one but actually 2 zebra fowls was another pleasure to behold ...

... as were these 2 cute baby elephants crossing the road (in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve).

Talking about Hluhluwe - its famous for its White Rhinos & we weren't disappointed since we saw several.

And last but not least, the "king of of the jungle" - a male lion with a magnificent mane & its female companion (in the Kruger National Park).

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