Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alive & Kicking

After accompanying a few representatives from the Bayerischer Landtag (parliament Bavaria, Germany) visiting our country on a "fact-finding" mission for a few days, I also had the privilege to guide them through the Pilansberg Game Reserve (in the North-West province).

As usual my camera was "close at hand" so I "recoded" a series of photos of a young kudu male exuberantly jumping & running "all over the show".

It kicked "up a storm", tail characteristically curled up to reveal/display its white hair underneath ...

... which appeared to amuse a herd of Blue wildebeest standing around.

Don't ask me why but I was reminded of this kudu "kicking up a storm" when I saw these (very large) soccer boots on display in the garden-area of the German Trade & Investment (in SA) building.

Talking about soccer - I also had the privilege to see the inside of Soccer City because we went on a guided tour of this magnificent stadium representing a typical South African Calabash [SEE: last blog-entry = Durban soccer stadium; also on 4 January 2010 - what Soccer City looks like on the outside].

The pitch looks ready but we were told that 2 different grass types will be added to the present cover of kikuyu grass to adhere to the FIFA specifications.

We had the opportunity to see what the "shell" looks like on the inside apart from viewing the changing rooms, showers, etc for one of the opposing teams, as well as "visiting" one of the suites.

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