Friday, December 18, 2009

Weaver Saga

A last update on my weaver "saga" [SEE: entries on this blog = 29 Sep - 4 Oct 2009]:

This little "chap" (right = a Masked weaver) was the main character in the "drama".

He had hardly started building a nest right outside our bedroom ...

... when I found it "completed". The little chap was only adding the finishing touches whilst I noticed that his "complexion" was changing (= he was "maturing") = no longer displaying the white "spots" of youth on his underparts.

He was also revealing quite some "acrobatic" manoeuvres in the process of checking his "handy" work = his nest-building capability (which I "followed" with great interest &, of course, "camera in hand").

My last image of the little chap (before I went "to work" = guiding a group of tourists for almost 4 weeks through southern Africa) was of him sitting proudly on his nest & surveying what he had accomplished (other than trying to attract an interested female weaver to "move in").

The morale of my story (= the ending) - when I returned from touring I immediately looked outside to see if the nest was still there - I guess I already suspected the worst.

Correct! The nest was gone & I wasn't there to "record" its destruction!! Better luck next time? I hope so because I would like to see proof of what I called a "myth" [See: blog-entry 4 Oct = Weaver Controversy].

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