Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lion Drama

Today - finally the promised lion "story".

We knew there were lions in the vicinity. As we looked around, this lioness made an appearance. To be honest, I only realised that a youngster was also "in the picture" when I looked at the photos afterwards on my computer at home.

Next a magnificent male lion appeared accompanied by another female.

Lazily he lay down and his female companion followed suit.

There were 2 more lionesses with youngsters, who gazed "longingly" at a herd of zebra & wildebeest grazing at a distant.

One of the lionesses was obviously "delegated" to keep an eye on the large group of lion youngsters - somehow the "demeanour" of this female seems to express her dissatisfaction with this "job"!? I guess she would have preferred to go hunting instead??

She nonetheless appears to accept her "fate" because she lies down amongst the playful youngsters.

One of the other females is on "high alert".....

..... whilst the fourth female starts stalking the nearby prey, which appear blissfully unaware of the nearing predator??

Perhaps it wasn't a matter of blissful ignorance? We will never know because it was time to drive back to the camp before the gates to the Etosha Park closed that night. As we reluctantly left, our last impression was of the stalker gazing at the herd of wildebeest grazing calmly in the distance.

How did this story end??

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