Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big 5

Other than the lions in Etosha [SEE: Previous entry = Lion Drama] we were also privileged to discover these 2 male lions (in the Kruger National Park) soon after a buffalo kill, which they had accomplished on their own instead of depending on female lions to do the hunting.

Whilst one of the 2 males was obviously exhausted, the other one (visibly more of an alpha-type) "tore away" at the insides of their prey.

"In line" with hoping to "track down" the Big 5, some of us were also lucky to glimpse a leopard amongst thick undergrowth.

We saw plenty of buffalo in the Chobe Game Reserve .....

..... and a Black rhino in the Etosha Game Reserve - because there are mainly Black rhinos in this game reserve (= browsers; in contrast to White rhinos, which are grazers = NOT much grass to graze on in Etosha!)

Did I just "say": black rhino?

Yes, indeed, this was a Black rhino even if its "colouring" appears more white than black - the result of wallowing in lime-rich mud (= a "favourite pastime" for all rhinos) to cool down as well as covering (and therefore "smothering") parasites clinging to their hides.

And last but not least (to "conclude" the Big 5) we saw elephants in Chobe .....

..... a lone elephant bull in Kruger .....

..... and in conclusion, (white) elephants in Etosha [SEE: white versus black explanation above].

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