Monday, October 1, 2012

BIG 5 Twice

Generally it's difficult to find/spot all of the BIG 5 during a visit to the Kruger National Park - so if you encounter them all in one day you are very lucky! Now if you see the BIG 5 twice in a row (some even more often than that) during a two-day visit, does that mean you're "double" lucky? This certainly was the case with the last group of German-speaking visitors, who I was priviliged to guide through our beautiful country.

Whereas the leopard above was stalking some impalas, the one in this photo had already caught its prey - which it had dragged up the tree for "safe-keeping".

Finding the road blocked by elephants surely counts as a highly exciting experience - a "traffic jam" no one minds encountering.

An (African) elephant with flattened ears - looking funny/comical?

Another member of the BIG 5 - a (White) rhino with a newborn calf.

Once before rhinos were an endangered species - which sadly is the case again because some nations believe that a rhino's horn has "magical properties", so rhinos are threatened all over again by ruthless poachers.

We encountered these lions as "lazy cats" - apparently they'd been feeding all day long on a buffalo they had killed.

The following day the same cats looked more alert/ready to hunt all over again?

Last (but not least) two old buffalo bulls - often referred to as "dagga boys" (dagga = mud - in the Zulu/Nguni languages) because they can't keep up with the pace of a herd "on the move" and instead stay close to rivers (= mud).

Anothe photo of buffalos "by way of a reminder" that we saw the BIG 5 twice in 2 days! What an experience!!

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