Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Abundant Wildlife

In addition to the BIG 5 [SEE: previous blog-entry] other wild animals were also in abundance in the Kruger Park during the last tour - amongst them these (Chacma) baboons.

I snapped this photo of a Vervet monkey along the Panaroma Route (in the Mpumalanga Province) & whilst visiting Bourke's Luck Potholes (= Blyde River Canyon) - was this female monkey thirsty or just curious?

In contrast (or similar?) to the monkey above, I "tracked down" this Samango monkey at the Hilltop camp in the Hluhluwe National Park in KwaZulu-Natal.

Other than the different South African primates (above), various antelopes also made regular appearances - like these kudu & impala browsing (instead of grazing) side-by-side.

I think of photos like these as typically representative of the African bushveld - a beautiful landscape enhanced by gracious giraffe.

It's not every day that one finds 3 different species of wild animals feeding so close to each other in the wilderness that they all "fit into 1 frame" - 2 "long-necked" animals, a giraffe & an ostrich, together with a (Burchell's) zebra.

And now in complete contrast to the animals above, yet also a mammal & in addition to the previous blog-entry [SEE: below] - we spotted (Southern Right) whales during a day-visit (from Cape Town) to Hermanus - thus we encountered 6 of the BIG 7 during the last tour!!

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