Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unusual Couples

Before I go on tour again, guiding more German-speaking visitors through our beautiful country, I thought of posting more "couple" photos, which follow the trend of what I've called "2-Some" photos before - 2 different antelope species, an impala & a springbok "kissing" surely rates as quite unusual?

Browsing side-by-side: a springbok & a steenbok

Seeing zebras & a (blue) wildebeest together is not so unusual, because they represent what is known as 'complimentary feeders' - they "follow" each other because zebras like to graze on long grass, whereas wildebeest prefer short grass.

Not in the least unusual to see these 2 together: a nyala mother-and-child combination

 These antelopes also "belong together" - a (hornless) female & male waterbuck

This is also a quite common "combination" - oxpeckers on the back of a kudu antelope - or for that matter, found on any wild animal.

Although unusual to see so many Blackcollared barbets in one place, they have something in common with the other bird species in the photo, Speckled mousebirds - they share a similar diet.

Last but not least - 3 antelope species together: Blue wildebeest, springbok & an impala.

[Hope that when I return in 2 weeks, I'll have a "camera-load" of new photos to share]

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