Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Birds

Summer is here in SA - yes, we don't really experience a "slow entry" into warm weather (= spring) so accordingly we either have hot or cold weather, especially "inland"; along the coastal regions the change in weather is less "drastic". With aloes, etc growing prolifically in our country & in bloom since winter, birds associated with nectar, like this Doublecollared sunbird, are easy to spot.

 The same bird - another male Doublecollared sunbird - in contrast, the female of this bird species is rather "drab" colour-wise. This bird is a common resident in SA along the entire southern coastal region as well as in the north-easterly side of the country.

Another member of the sunbird-family, this Scarletchested sunbird is found mainly in the northern regions of SA & coastal-wise only in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

In the "World of Birds", the commencement of summer (= breeding season) can be associated with a change in the appearance of certain male birds like e.g. the orange colour on the face & throat of this Cape weaver (non-breeding males look more like the females).

Another colourful bird, this Lilacbreasted roller, is also a common resident again at this time of the year in the northern parts of our country.

I think of the (large) Ground hornbill as "haughty", mostly because it looks as if this bird species walks in an a proud yet insolent kind of way!?

Another large bird we saw during the last tour through our country is this Bateleur (eagle) with its scarlet face & legs. We were lucky to come across this specimen sitting on a dry tree stump because more generally, they are seen circling in the air especially in the Kruger Park region.

Of all the birds featuring in today's posting, this (African) Fish eagle is probably the most common resident found almost throughout our country - where there is surface water (in any form) nearby. This birds ringing & far-carrying call probably is one of the most recognisable & typically African sounds!?

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