Sunday, March 4, 2012

Also Mother & Child

"In tune" with my previous blog-entry (= Mother & Child) I spotted this Moorhen-with-chicks during a recent visit to Birds of Eden (near Plettenbergbay).

So I decided to continue that trend today by posting photos of "feathery" mother-and-child combinations - previously known as the Jackass penguin but now called the African penguin, with its tiny (sooty-black) chick.

A Crowned plover & chick.

A female Crested barbet feeding her chick.

Other than that its legs are "showing", not much else is visible of the little Blacksmith plover chick hiding against the rain that day under its mother's belly.

This female Egyptian goose appears confused - how did her flock of chicks end up in a human-swimmingpool?

Talking about a flock (instead of single) chicks - this female ostrich stands "guard" over her youngsters finding relief from the heat in the shade of an acacia tree (photographed in the Etosha Game Reserve, Namibia).

Similarly ostrich chicks find relief from the heat in the shade their father's large body casts across a desert-like environment if no trees are readily "available".

Is this an example of taking a mother's caring attitude to "the limit"? A very noisy Diederik cuckoo chick (known as brood-parasitic, because many true cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds) demanding to be fed by its "brood"-mother (in this case a female weaver).

Thinking of sharing some Elephant-Mother-&-Child photos with next blog-entry.

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