Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mother and Child

The well-known mother-and-child-theme appeared to "dominate" in nature during the last tour - in this case a female impala & her youngster.

Somewhat ugly but strangely mostly thought of as endearing by people "meeting" warthogs in nature, this was even more so the case with this mother & child.

In actual fact this was the first mother-and-child-combination we observed at the start of the last tour - a female blesbok & its youngster "naturally" found only in the highveld-part of our country.

Another endearing mother-and-child-combination - a female Burchell's zebra & her offspring. . .

. . . which similarly, the other "typical" savannah-animals, giraffes, seem to take "a step further" by appearing to kiss - although in this case it's not a mother-and-child-combination, because the large giraffe (on the right) is a male.

Another look at impalas, who in this case also appear to kiss (especially the couple in the background), whilst in fact it's a "demonstration" of mutual grooming = impalas are the only hoofed animals (in contrast to e.g. primates) that can partake in this survival skill.

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