Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sun has set

For me "the sun has set" on yet another tour - so I'm back home for a while & happy to share photos taken during the tour incorporating a visit to parts of Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Towards the end of the tour we were privileged to experience this almost psychedelic sun set whilst cruising on the Zambesi River.

As one of the ladies in our group commended: if you would suddenly see this image (instead of proggressively watching the sun set), what would you think it represents? Perhaps a "lightened" dome of some kind?

Although I'm more interested in detecting "unusual" birds or other wild animals, to "face" a lion (= lioness) in the wild is always exciting - this one was still panting heavily after a chase or kill? [Click on photo to enlarge to see blood "covering" her mouth].

Accordingly I was excited to detect this rare & tiny antelope under a bush in the Etosha Game Reserve (Namibia) = a (Damara) dik-dik. It was difficult to "clearly" photograph in the underbrush . . .

. . . but the next day we had the opportunity to see this little antelope at "close quarters" at the (private) Mt Etjo Safari Lodge.

For me - a special moment when moments later, I could photograph this magnificent Roan antelope.

Towards the end of the tour & in the Chobe Game Reserve, we also saw this related Sable antelope - if far in the distance.

Back at Mt Etjo, where a great variety of often "unusual" wild animals roam the reserve, this Black wildebeest reminded me of a bull ready to fight (= in a bull-ring).

I did say: unusual - because seeing a white blesbok in the wild certainly is an unusual sight!

Well, at Mt Etjo finding a white blesbok isn't unusual at all, because there were quite a few of them around - like this white youngster. Also, we were told, these are white - & NOT albino!! - animals (because they don't have pink eyes!

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